Fashion Forecast: Fashion Terminology: Chic Leisure

With the onset of the pandemic, many organizations and people have started to enjoy the leisure of working in their own private spaces. It gives them the ease to work in their own comfort; and, yet style themselves in the expected/necessary attire. This makes them feel comfortable as well as maintain the decorum as necessary, especially while attending calls or video conferences/meetings.

With this onset, the concept of Chic Leisure has been gaining some notoriety with a semi formal flair with comfort; why comfort? Well, playing office – office at home means one is in two locations at the same time. Which means, he/she is also multi – tasking, taking care of the needs of home as well as the office.

So, Chic Leisure wear comes into the play with styles/ensembles ranging from being semi formal and office acceptable, as well as being at ease and comfortable.

‘Chic’, the word in itself means to be stylish, trendy, niche and elegant, ‘Leisure’, which means, at one’s own comfort and ease. The conjunction of these two words means to be niche and elegant, yet at your own comfort zone and wear.

This is the new trend taken over by major brands to facilitate the need of the hour, which, I predict will also be the future. After all, who doesn’t work better when they are comfortable and it is also easy to be in. It is also broadly getting acceptable in the future workplaces with organizations and industries, choosing to create happy and comfortable spaces for their employees, unless a protocol for safety/uniform exists.

So, What do you think? Is this the fashion forward of the future? Please give in your inputs and do comment. We are also sharing a small questionnaire to devise the acceptance of the trend in focus. Your feedback would be appreciated!

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