An alumnus of National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore and a professor with over 8 years of teaching experience in institutes across Bangalore such as WLC India., Icat India, Iift and Nift, Bangalore, and various other institutes. He has also delivered hours as a guest faculty and also conducts many workshops. A philanthropist through the Round Table India movement and the Freemasons movement.

He loves to bike and always enthusiastic to meet new people; and experience new adventures!

His interest has always been in the geometry of patterns and loves to play with form. An avid fan of rock, country and pop music, many a time music itself has been his inspiration.

The designer is well known for his eccentric colours and patterns, they being his strong points. The sound of music and the beating heart of nature with a little devils tail mixed in with the right amount of goth ingredients best describe his little twisted concoctions served with naughty love. His designs are like the goddess Aphrodite, passionately made, lovingly sewn added with little mischievious leprechauns!

Western party and red carpet wear, contemporised Indian techniques with a global grand baroque, neo classical flavour. Inspired by the stories of the yore and the wizardry that only his mind can think of are his inspirations.

Welcome to a grand evening to the theatre which combines the opera, magicians, jugglers, men and women of the flying the trapeze and all the animals from stories, welcome to a world of grand burlesque masquerade only seen through the eyes of the designer!

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A passionate desire that can never be quenched is Love

Nags 08/02/2020

Lets start this fashion journey together

From my latest Collection, ‘Be my friend, you taste good’.